Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Meanderings

Saturday afternoon at home. 

I went back to see The Force Awakens again today.

And Donald went with me this time.

The movie was every bit as enjoyable the second time around as it was the first.

Donald thought it was terrific too.

Then we decided to have a late lunch at the little Mexican restaurant near the movie theater and it was very good - always is.

But then, I got locked in the ladies room stall and held captive by a malfunctioning lock for about 20 minutes.

Locksmith husband enjoying his after lunch coffee, slightly bewildered but apparently basically unconcerned by a missing wife.

Before giving in to the thought that I might have to drop to the floor and shimmy myself under the door which, really, just was NOT going to happen, I banged on the door. 

I kicked on the door. 

I yelled "Hello" more times than Adele says it in her new song.

Finally a waiter opened the door and said, "Hello?"

I said "Hello."

He said "Hello?" again

and I said, "The door won't open."

He said, "Have you turned the knob."

I lowered and shook my head.

Counted to 10 and said "Yes. The door won't open. You want to try from your side?"

He did. No luck.

So he went to get someone else and they came back with a key and were able to spring me.

When I got back to the table and told Donald I'd been locked in the bathroom stall his response was, "Oh! I was wondering where you might have gotten off to."

The restaurant manager happened by and I told him what happened thinking it might be something he'd want to know about 'cause I was pretty sure I wouldn't be the only person that was going to happen to.

And this is when our problems began.

He didn't believe me.

AND told me the stalls in the ladies' room did not even have any place a key would work.




Don't do that.

Don't act like someone has just made something up without checking it out first.

I could feel my hair beginning to catch on fire when he said that.

My response was something like, "Fine, Follow me, bucko."

Imagine his surprise when we got to the bathroom and were able to reenact the locked stall story.

The stall which has a door which has a lock which uses a key from the outside.

Y'all - 


Anyhooooo -

It's been a nice day.  I'm sure there could have been worse bathrooms to be been locked up in.

Now, it's time for coffee and my book.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  Be very careful in public bathroom stalls.

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