Thursday, December 3, 2015

What Facebook Tests Tell Us and what we can do about it

I am such a push-over for those little quizzes at Facebook.

Those tests that tell us what city we should live in, what job we're most suited for, what literary character we're most like -  - all sorts of things.

I have always been like this.  A taker of tests.

I could never resist taking the tests in magazines either - Seventeen, Glamour, Cosmo

I took a FB quiz this morning to see what my three best qualities are.  Well.  Facebook says my three best qualities are that -

 I'm calm.  

That I'm silly.  

And that I'm tasteful.

It says my one flaw (only one?!) is that I am too focused.

We're all welcome to our own opinions, right?

Even Facebook.

I never said I always (or ever) agreed with the results of all these tests.  Just that I enjoy taking them.

But that's not the point of this morning blog anyway.

Well, I guess it kinda is.

I knew I had choices this morning.

I always check in at Facebook first thing (yes, it's an addiction, I admit it).

Today I could focus on the sadness and the anger I'm feeling about yesterday's craziness.  Or, I could post a few pretty pictures and take a test.

Because, believe it - the sadness and anger we feel caused by things like yesterday's mass shooting in California don't go away during the night while a person is sleeping.

Of course they don't.

You know what one of the very first things was that crossed my mind this morning?

"I hope there's no shooting today."

How sad is that?!

And how wrong is it?!

I used to ask "is this who we've become?"

No need to ask that question any longer.

Now we know.  This is who we've become.

What to do about it?

Besides being sad and angry, I mean?

We fight back.

Don't sit back complacently in your warm home in your easy chair and be sad.

Don't go about your business while talking about being angry.

DO sit back and DO go about your business.

Live your life, and live it your way - we have all earned that right.

But do consider doing something that will make you feel like we're not losing our country to the crazies.

Don't feel like we can't do something.  I refuse to believe that.

Make phone calls.

Write letters.

Do something!

What do you have to lose?

Or - there's this - - -

I think that if there is one person left out there - one "sane" person - who is still saying there's no gun problem in this country then the only thing that's going to change his/her mind is when they lose someone they love to the rampant madness that we're all now living in. The chances of this happening are growing by the day. For all of us.

Let's not let this happen.

Let's tell the NRA that we still own this country - not them.

If we swamp our representatives, if we REALLY swamp them - - -  well, can't we at least try?

if you don't know who your representatives are or how to reach them - use these links:

AND WHILE you have their attention, would you ask them, please, what happened to that rumor about Obama coming after everyone's guns?! 

If it's gonna happen, I wish to hell he'd hurry up.

So, if Facebook thinks I'm too focused and that it's a flaw, I think maybe I'll try to focus on being too focused and let that focus become something meaningful.

And that would be to help do something about the craziness that has swamped our country. 

The craziness of guns and all the families the craziness has destroyed and will continue destroying if things don't change.

Too focused?

Honey - I have only begun to be focused . . . 

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