Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Annabelle plays and plays and plays

It's a gorgeous day outside. 

Much too pretty to work on taxes (even if I am scheduled to drop them off tomorrow).


I decided to join Annabelle outside.

And I talked her into posing for me.

She let me know when she started getting bored . . . 

And reminded me when she thought I didn't catch the hint

Then just turned her back on me 

Pouted for a few minutes

and then ran off 

 and grabbed a stick

When she got bored with her stick, it was time to run across the deck a few times

And now Annabelle wants to rest.

And I need to work on taxes.

Which one's more fun ?

1 comment:

Lesa said...

She doesn't realize that when she turns her back on you, we all think she's just as cute from the rear. She's so funny.