Friday, March 3, 2017

Come Have Tea & Cookies with Rep.Virginia Foxx (not)

Even though Rep. Foxx will be in Boone Saturday, and speaking just a couple blocks away from where we'll be having tea and cookies, she has declined our invitation (see below).

"Concerned constituents are inviting Representative Virginia Foxx to a nonpartisan, informal reception immediately after her appearance at the county Republican Party convention. We would like to learn more about the House Committee on Education and Workforce, the powers of her chairmanship, and what bills we can expect to emerge from the committee. 

Our goal is to be better informed citizens. We hope that Representative Foxx will attend, but if she does not, we will discuss the topics without her. 

Tea and cookies will be served and voter registration available. 

Organized by High Country Forward, a grassroots group of local citizens interested in civic engagement.

We want to thank F.A.R.M Cafe for the use of their space, however this not an official F.A.R.M Cafe program."

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