Saturday, March 11, 2017

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"Oh, Kaye!" chats about politics and puppies

This past month has been a busy one.

Being mom to a new puppy (sometimes referred to as Princess Piranha) has kept me on my toes.

Anyone reading my Meanderings and Muses knows what I mean.  Puppy and Politics, that's what it's all about for me these days.  Who would have guessed?

Getting more and more involved in local political activities is keeping me busy - remember, "It's a marathon, not a sprint!"  There is much to do.  

One of the local events was a visit to Rep. Virginia Foxx's office.  She was not there, but her staff was expecting us and they were kind and courteous to all 180+ of us who presented individual letters addressed to Rep. Foxx.   

The other was a tea and cookies event held on Saturday.  She declined this invitation also, even though she was just down the street a couple blocks at a speaking engagement right before the event started

The tea went on as planned and was a huge success.  Rep. Foxx was represented by a photo and an empty chair.  Too bad she chose not to attend, there were excellent points made by attendees and questions that deserved answers.

I have strong feelings about all this.  I happen to think elected officials have an obligation to listen to their constituents.  To answer questions.

Silly me.


Moving along to puppies . . . 

Puppy Kindergarten started this week.

Oh, laws . . .

Let me tell you about Puppy Kindergarten.

It's basically a dog obedience class except it's for puppies only.  Puppies who have about an inch long attention span and very sharp little teeth.

The woman who owns Woof Pack Pet Services is an amazing woman who teaches a variety of classes, has a puppy day care facility, a boarding facility for dogs, and another for cats.

So.  Thursday night was our first class.

Here's our pack -

An adorable mix of pups - all sweet as pie.

The class is based on "Positive Reinforcement."

I love that.

We have been to various classes for dog training in the past - and left - because we did not care for their training philosophy.

This one just seems, to us, to be just right.

So there we were with out itty bitty little fluff ball and all these bigger, but oh so sweet, dogs.  And because they're all puppies, they all have the same issues.  Short attention spans and sharp little teeth.  

Some, however, are already better trained than others.  I'd have to say Annabelle was not as well trained as some, but perhaps a little better trained than others.

But, once she got tired, she was done with learning.

She didn't care if she was being offered a T-bone steak for "down," she was not interested.

Donald is acting as "handler" since he possesses all the patience in the family.

My role is cheerleader and photographer.

That suits me just fine 'cause I get to watch all the other puppies while Don does all the work.

And I smiled and I laughed and I had the best time.

And you know, it's nice to put the rest of the world aside for an evening to watch the simple joy of puppies.

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