Thursday, March 16, 2017

W. T. F.

Meals on Wheels? for real? Now they want to stop funding Meals on Wheels.  I am SO confused by these hateful people. Let's destroy the planet. Let's let crazy people have access to guns. Let's rip apart families to make sure we keep people who are "different" out of the USA. Let's make health insurance so expensive that we're going to end up a nation of sick homeless people (unless, of course, you're sure you or your partner is never going to get sick and lose your home because you can't pay the medical bills). Let's call the cops to charge into bathrooms in the once great state of North Carolina to pull a woman out of a stall for being mistakenly identified as "maybe not really a woman." Take all funding away from the arts - who needs 'em, right?! Just like children - ALL children - don't need or deserve a hot lunch - THIS after insisting every baby MUST be born. What the ever lovin' fuck has happened to this country? Do not DO NOT tell me these are the same people who want God "back in our country." They're money grabbing hypocrites bowing to a pussy grabbing crazy man who bows to nothing but The Dollar.  

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Unknown said...

Exactly! Thank you, Kaye.