Thursday, March 2, 2017

Guess Who's Eligible for an Anthony Nomination this Year?



After years of having the privilege of submitting names for various mystery award nominations, I have a short story that's eligible.

This is a first. A very fun first.

It feels very odd, but kind of delightfully odd, to be able to say to you, if you read and enjoyed "Voodoo at the Jitterbug," I would appreciate your consideration.

From the Bouchercon 2017 webpage: "If you were registered for Bouchercon in New Orleans and/or are signed up for Toronto this year, your Anthony Award nomination ballot will be arriving in your email box on Tuesday, February 28.

The nomination form will be coming from SurveyMonkey. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. If it's not there by Wednesday, March 1, please message us.

Anthony Award nomination forms are due back by April 30. As soon as all nominations are tabulated, the 2017 Anthony Award Nominees will be announced."

AND - the anthology, Blood on the Bayou, 2016 Bouchercon Anthology, edited by Greg Herren, is also eligible for nomination.

Thanks, everyone!!

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Mason Canyon said...

Wonderful!! Congratulations and good luck.