Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ah, Paris - Jardin Des Plantes, Luxembourg Gardens, The Eiffel Tower, Tour Montparnasse

Window shopping in our neighborhood.

And then breakfast in our 'hood - Cafe St. Regis 

One of Paris' Wallace Fountains.  

From Wikipedia - Wallace fountains are public drinking fountains designed by Charles-Auguste Lebourg. They are small cast-iron sculptures scattered throughout the city of Paris, France, mainly along the most-frequented sidewalks. They are named after the Englishman Richard Wallace, who financed their construction.

Donald and I spent a lot of time enjoying the quiet beauty of several Paris gardens.  

Jardin Des Plantes is also home to a zoo.

I never seem to visit zoos when I'm at home, but apparently am meant to do so while in Paris.  Last year it was Breakfast with the Giraffes with Lesa, this year, Jardin Des Plantes with Donald.  





We are always on the hunt for good pizza.  Even in Paris.

The Parisians love their dogs.  And so do we!  This little fella was quite the charmer.  Missing our Annabelle!  She would have enjoyed this cutie pie.

Our first peek at The Eiffel Tower - Yay!!!

Next -  the top of Tour Montparnasse

Goodnight Paris.

More tomorrow . . . 

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