Friday, October 5, 2018

More around our Paris neighborhood of Île Saint-Louis and The Île de la Cité

Donald and I are very good at the art of Flâneusing.

We seem to live our lives wandering somewhat aimlessly no matter where we are, and it's the perfect way to see Paris.

We spent a lot of time wandering and felt like we were "home" when we got back on the  Île Saint-Louis.  

Anyone in need of a set plan while traveling should never vacation with us.  Even when we did have a plan, it often got changed, forgotten or canceled.

And it all worked out just fine fine fine.

If the photos seem to also be wandering aimlessly, they are.  Please forgive them.  Being taken by Donald and I both, they are posted with no rhyme nor reason.  

Think of it as "photo flâneusing."

 more tomorrow . . . 

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Lesa said...

Photo flaneusing! I love it. You should write a book. Oh, wait! You are going to write a book! I just love all the photos!