Wednesday, October 10, 2018

More Paris - Random shots while wandering aimlessly

Our final day in Paris was spent doing what we do best.

Wandering aimlessly.

Donald did take off on his own to visit the local Harley dealership(s), and made some fun discoveries along the way.

And, we decided to do our own little addition to Paris Fashion Week . . .

you'll have to scroll all the way down to the very end to see.

I was able to meet up with Paris Breakfast artist and blogger, Carol Gillott, which was fun!  If you're not familiar with her work, do check it out!

This little pup's daddy only went into the grocery store for the shortest time, but he surely was missed!  

Saying good-bye to Paris is hard . . . 


We decided to do it with a little flair in honor of Fashion Week . . .

I always wanted to be a 1920s Paris Flapper

Tomorrow -


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Lesa said...

Kaye! I love your flapper dress. I'm so glad you shared that picture. I think you would have wowwed them in the 1920s!