Friday, April 29, 2016

Me and Willie

Today is Willie Nelson's birthday.

He's 83 today.

I have loved Willie Nelson forever.

I've lost track of how many times I've seen him in concert.

Including one crazy weekend in 1983 when he had one of his infamous 4th of July concerts at the Atlanta International Raceway in Hampton, GA.  A crowd of approximately 30,000 got to see Willie, David Allan Coe, The Stay Cats, Linda Ronstadt, Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter.  There were others, I just don't remember who. 

don't ask.


I do still have my ticket.

And the teeshirt.

I remember when his album Red Headed Stranger was released in the 70s.

I went through some tough times and I was working two jobs, occasionally three. 

Willie helped me through some of those tough times.

The Red Headed Stranger somehow became my Sunday morning ritual. 

Me, my coffee and this album.
A friend would tease me about this and would sometimes call on Sunday mornings and ask if Willie and I were attending church services? Or was I off to attend the Church of Willie.
I haven't listened to this whole album in a long time, but it's keeping me company today while I'm cleaning this little house.

Willie and I are both a little older, but we are, I think, still enjoying the good life.

Happy Birthday, Willie!

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