Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trombone Solo by Stoddard King


I like people
Who strut their stuff,
Any kind of people,
Nice ones of tough,
I like people,
With swagger in their step,
Hot-air people, full
Of popcorn and pep,
Four-flushing people
Whose gestures are free –
Strut your stuff, people,

I like people
Who feel their oats,
High-stepping people
With ego in their throats,
Telling tall stories,
Taller than the steeple,
Getting away with it –
That kind of people.
If it’s done properly,
Carried with an air,
Strut your stuff, people –

Stoddard King

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I noticed how the poem has a very even flow. The poem also has occasional rhymes that help keep the reader entertained.

Line 1:I like people
I chose this line because of how it shows the writers love people in general.
Line 2:High-stepping people
I chose this line because of how it focuses on pretentious people.
Line 3: Getting away with it
I chose this line because of how it is about the entertaining people that lie to create fun stories and such
Line 4:Strut your stuff, people
I chose this line because of how the writer finds the cocky or egotistical people entertaining.

I think this poem is unique on how it bases itself off the people I perceive as annoying instead of entering. The poem is written well and I wonder how the writer came up with such bizarre metaphors.

This poem's tone is definitely teasing. I say this because the way she describes that type of person is a weird almost silly manor.

I think the writer is the one speaking in this poem as it’s all in the first person and it’s not far fetched for a person to think like this.