Monday, April 25, 2016

The Joys of Living

The Joys of Living

It's the calm you feel at sunrise
emerging from your sleep
as a gentle rush of passing wind
wrestles with the leaves.

It's a good dog in the morning
steady by your side
while jogging down a country road
before the sun is high.

It's scrambled eggs and whiskey
butter beans and ham
meals prepared with fondness
for a very special friend.

It's salty beads of honest sweat
that glisten on your skin
while digging in the loamy earth
to plant a row of corn.

It's standing in the pouring rain
that falls on fields of hay
napping in the shady grove
on lazy summer days.

It's quiet times before the dawn
laying in the dark
grateful for the gift of life
and knowing who to thank.

When silence is the loudest noise...and every man's a king
it's the peaceful easy feeling..that living free can bring.

Poetry by David L Wright

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