Wednesday, April 6, 2016

steam coming out of my ears - fire coming out of my nose

THIS has made me as mad as anything has ever made me. 

THIS little love note appeared in my Facebook newsfeed today: 

"Dear Senator Sanders and supporters: Hillary Clinton supporters are fiercely loyal and protective of her, and represent a lot of women in this country. If by some miracle you win the nomination, and then expect our support, you'd better start treating our candidate with more respect. And us. This is one of THE biggest issues in the US right now, the marginalization of women. And if you contribute to that problem you will regret doing so, come Election Day." 

WHO the living hell do you think you are to beat other people over the head with this kind of threat?! 

I'm a woman. I have supported Hillary Clinton in the past. 

Right now? 

Truth be told - I'm still weighing my choices. But I will tell you this. YOU people who think you're doing Hillary a world of good? 

You're not. 

And truth be told, you've lost me as part of your personal world with these attacks and threats. 

If you're willing to let a GOP candidate sit in the White House because of your pride in your "fiercely loyal and protective stance for Hillary Clinton," I'm sorry, but that's just not really very smart. 

It's just another case of bullying to tell me that I'm part of the marginalization of women if I don't vote for Hillary Clinton. 

How dare you.

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