Tuesday, April 26, 2016

some morning ramblings

I have always loved this song, 

and Steppenwolf. 

I saw them at Georgia Tech in 1972.

And I have always loved this movie.

I've also had a love/hate relationship with motorcycles my entire life.

My Cambridge friends understand.

We had our first loss as a group when we lost Reggie on a bike.

Then it was Dickie.

Both those boys, and that's what they were, just boys, really, were bright shining lights.

We were a small class, and close.

Still close, although politics has lately caused some words to be said that can't be taken back.

That makes me enormously sad.

In the meantime, Don Barley just left the house on his new bike.

Off to ride The Blue Ridge Parkway with a friend of his.

I know they're going to have fun, it's a gorgeous blue sky day.

A perfect day for a ride through these mountains.

And, I'll be a wreck till he gets back home.

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