Friday, September 18, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Rest now You Giant 

You Warrior 

You Brilliant Brave Soul 

You who gave Us Courage 

And Hope 

Rest now 

More than a Trail Blazer

You didn’t make history 

You changed it 

Reshaped it 

Course corrected 

You who gave Us all of You 

Fought for Us with all of You 

With every moment God gave You 

With every Breath 

Rest now 

It’s Our turn 

To take up Your mantle 

To not lose sight 

To push on 

You taught Us how to fight 

You made Us more than soldiers 

You leave an Army in your wake 

You taught Us what legacy is 

To give more than we take 

Rest now 

You Champion

You Queen  

You Glorious 

Forever #RBG 

Forever Our Hero 


        - - -  Leslé Honoré

Joan Baez, artist