Sunday, September 27, 2020

One of the things I'm missing most


Bruce Springsteen has a new album  coming out in October.  

His 20th.  

And the E Street Band is joining him on this one.

Earlier this week he released the title track, Letter to You, and  the new song, Ghosts.

I especially love the Ghosts video with its clips from past shows.

While watching  I couldn't help but smile and remember being in that crowd at a few of his concerts.  

Bruce Springsteen knows how to do a concert!

What a talent.

What an entertainer.

Donald and I love live shows.

Going to concerts is one of the things we love best, and we have seen some of the greats.

Many of them, more than once.  Some more than twice ...

Our latest show would have been last week; a Brooks & Dunn reunion.

We both love Brooks & Dunn and have seen them a few times.  And were looking forward to seeing them again.

Due to COVID, the show has been postponed a year.  

I'm not sure we'll be ready, even in a year, for large crowd get-togethers (regardless of what the guy in The White House and his supporters think.  I think they're being stupid and damned reckless).


Missing them.

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