Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The first presidential debate



If this was anyone's first experience watching a presidential "debate" they have seen the most egregious example of what a debate is supposed to be. 

And the most egregious example of "presidential." 

It was, at best, painful.

At worst - a shit show.

My feeling from this point is that additional debates between Biden and trump are pointless. 

Especially if future moderators are going to be bullied as Chris Wallace was tonight. Some of which could have been easily stopped by a simple flick of an on/off button on the microphones.  

Chris Wallace should have been prepared for trump's arrogance and childishness.

trump pitched one childish temper tantrum after another, and refused to follow rules he had agreed to prior to the debate.

Rules he had no intention of following if they didn't suit the moment.

Anyone who is interested in knowing if what was said tonight was truthful, I would encourage you to do some fact checking.

Check both men.

Check their statements for yourself and for the good of this country.

And in case anyone might have missed this - the president of THIS COUNTRY refused to condemn white supremacy.


Anyone celebrating a "win" for tonight? 

Anyone other than the KKK and The Proud Boys? 


Debates don't usually change a voter's mind, but I think tonight's unhinged performance by a man who is scared to death he might be in jail this time next year might be the exception.

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