Monday, September 28, 2020

One of our rare days out

We're still sticking pretty close to home, but there are occassional errands to be run.

Today was one of those days to get out and do them.

And it was a good one.

We dropped off our ballots (Vote! Vote! Vote!), 

enjoyed our mountain scenery - including a little bit of fall color, 

And fun to see one of our sweet neighbors driving his horse drawn carriage down our road.

I love our 'hood.

Being surrounded by so much beauty reminds us of what is good in our lives.  And we are thankful.

We picked up lunch (drive-thru), and picked up mail, and picked up our grocery order (curb side).

A wonderful mail day! 

Used books, new books, ARCs, bought books, gifted books, stickers and notes from friends.

AND a really really really nice check from Antiques on Howard (thank YOU to whoever is wearing a lot of pretty new-to-you jewelry!).  

And here's my reminder to you.  If you haven't already, please VOTE!

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