Friday, March 8, 2024

International Women's Day

 This is for the women  

With 9 to 5s  

And 7 to 3s 

First shifts  

And graveyard  

With full times  

And part times  

Who have more month left  

Than money  

But still make rent  

With passports 

With no stamps  

With vision boards  

Of destinations  

They are saving to see  

With dreams they tuck away 

Pull out late at night  

Or early in the morning  

While the babies are still sleep 

Turn it over in their hands 

Then shelve it again for safe keep

This is for the women  

Without titles without pensions  

With some college  

A lot of loans  

With late night classrooms  

Online studies  

Who won’t give up  

Who run the world  

On grit and perseverance  


This is for the women  

Who are anything but  


But the world sees as regular  

This is for the magicians 

Who weave spells of hope 

For their children  

While putting their hopes on pause 

This is for the over the counter  

Beauty Queens  

With Wet and Wild Lips  

And Walgreens legs  

And Suave smelling hair  

For the women who look in the mirror  

To see some one familiar  

Because they rarely see reflections 

Any where else 

For the hustlers  

With tired feet  

And tired backs  

With spirits whispering  

Keep moving  

We are almost there  

For the women who know  

Liberation isn’t found in the clothes they wear 

The shoes on their feet  

But the dignity in their souls  


This is a song for you 


And resilient 

Moving mountains for your family 

I see you  

Stunning and Strong 

I see you  

Brilliant and beautiful  

I see you  

Making a life  

Out of thin air  

Today is for you  

An ordinary day  

Unmarked on the calendar  

No decorations at target  

No songs to commemorate 

Just an ordinary day  

Full of promise  

Full of possibilities  

Full of hope 

Full of magic  

Just like you  

You who pushes on  

You who doesn’t give up  

You who bends but doesn’t break  


This is for you  

You with the stars in your hair  

Sun on your lips  

Moonlit cheeks  

This is for you  

You are anything but regular  

You are the 


                 by Leslé Honoré

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