Saturday, March 16, 2024

Recommended Reading - Paris!

The Paris Cooking School


Sophie Beaumont 

I love a good book set in Paris.

(i think most of you knew this already) 😊

I have been disappointed in a few books set in Paris that I thought I was going to love.  Gave up and didn't finish quite a few, but not this one.

I loved it this one.

Description from :

"There’s nothing quite so romantic or inspiring as Paris in the spring –and what better place for a woman to reinvent herself and start over.

In this deeply moving novel, three women must come together and fight for the happy ending they dream of.

Life doesn’t always serve up the perfect dish, but second chances are always on the menu…

Kate is bruised from a heartbreaking betrayal. Artistic Gabi is struggling to overcome a crippling creative block. Learning how to make culinary magic at the celebrated Paris Cooking School is the perfect antidote. Taking the first flight out of Australia, both women find themselves in the city of lights and love. 

But for Sylvie, the school’s owner, things are not looking so promising. She is under siege from a harassment campaign that threatens to destroy everything she has worked for while also juggling a commitment-shy lover, Claude. Each woman will be transformed by what unfolds that spring–and the course of their lives will be changed forever.

A delicious novel about love, hope, and the consolations of the perfect strawberry tart."

What the description fails to mention is the author's ability to have her readers taste, feel, see and smell the food, the flowers, the colors of Paris.  

She takes us to Giverny to stroll through Monet's gardens, we help sail the small boats in the pool in Luxembourg Garden, discover small out of the way cafes and gardens, we walk and picnic along the Seine,  and we seek the perfect ingredients in Paris markets for creating a classic French meal at Sylvie's cooking school.

The book is treat tor the senses.

It is available at, and the will be published in August.

Note: FTC Disclosure Notice: Dear FTC - I received a digital copy of The Paris Cooking School from No other compensation was offered or accepted beyond the possibility of a review of the book.

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