Thursday, March 14, 2024

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I enjoy checking in at Popular Information an independent newsletter dedicated to accountability journalism written by Judd Legum.

Their most recent newsletter covers the testimony given to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday by Special Counsel Robert Hur revealing that Hur's earlier released transcript of his interview with President Biden was, "at best, simplistic and misleading."

Also, if you didn't watch the hearing, watch this little bit.  And share it with friends and family who rely on Fox news in their delusional attempt o stay informed.

You may have heard that "Trump announced just this week that he was open to cutting Social Security and Medicare if voters return him to the White House."

This is one time i think we can believe what he's saying.  This is something the Republicans have wanted to do for years.

Being a retired woman, age 75, who contributed to Social Security for an awful lot of years, I want to know what the future might bring concerning my money, i.e., my well-being.

One of the spots I rely on for the latest reports and fact sheets is Social Security Works.

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