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How to Break Through Trump’s Lies and Get the Truth

The pros who watch him so you don’t have to

I have taken the liberty of posting this entire Scott Dworkin post because it's important.  But please hit the above link and consider following him, along with the friends he's recommending.

"How to Break Through Trump’s Lies and Get the Truth

Leading up to the 2016 election, much of the country thought of Donald Trump as a ridiculous sideshow who couldn’t possibly win the presidency. What started as a joke soon became a cringeworthy onslaught of unbelievable campaign antics. I think that many people who wrote him off did so because they couldn’t bear to watch the nightmare he was creating and didn’t believe he would win.

As a veteran of Democratic campaigns, I recognized early on that not paying attention was a luxury we could not afford with Trump and his cult followers. I saw the fervor building around his nomination, and it was terrifying. Even though I hated it, I gave Trump a lot of my hours and attention at that time. I dedicated my life to trying to stop him.

I’m not sure it’s something to brag about, but while he was in office I wrote about and covered Trump for all of it. I’ve spent countless hours watching videos, dissecting his speeches, investigating his web of corruption, and exposing him for what he truly is.

My team and I spent years buried in videos of Trump rallies, speeches, and shows. I combed through business records, photos and videos of him and his family, campaign finances, and court documents. We poured over every single thing Trump said or did to make sure we called him out on every hypocrisy and lie.

It was exhausting and, at times, beyond disturbing. It was not a healthy place to live in.

Since Trump left office, I have pivoted more towards coalition building and online organizing but I still need to be aware of what Trump and his MAGA cult are doing.

Thankfully, there are now many watchdogs keeping their eyes on everything Trump is up to (which is a lot). One I trust is

from. He still does the grueling work of dissecting Trump videos on a daily basis. Aaron is one of the best sources on social media for videos of Trump's brain failures in action.

I have mad respect for the folks like Aaron, who are still able to keep an eye on Trump’s nonsense around the clock, and put in the tireless work needed to constantly call him out on it. The dedication is inspiring. It also gives him a perspective that we all can learn from.

As we enter yet another election season with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, this is the point where we all likely want to ignore him. But we know it’s imperative that he never lands back in the White House.

So, I asked Aaron a couple of questions that I thought might help us stay strong as we go through this election year.

How are you able to watch the never-ending hours of disinformation and lies and not let it get to you?

These are, “historic times—even if they're rather bleak,” Rupar told me. “So it never feels like too much of a burden to immerse myself in right-wing TV and events.”

He said, “You're right that watching a lot of Trump isn't for the faint of heart, so if people are disturbed by his rallies and the like, that's what people like me are for–to watch so you don't have to.”

I can say from experience that no matter how long you’ve been doing this, it’s tough to watch a grotesque pathological liar spewing nonsense constantly.

How do you not get trapped in that negativity?

Rupar replied, “I also try to maintain some semblance of work-life balance by spending time with my kids, going to ball games, and those sorts of things. I'm decent at compartmentalizing. I exercise most days during the day as a way to take a break and get some fresh air.”

“The line between work and non-work is blurry, especially when you're self-employed. But having two young kids makes it easier. I try to log off from when I pick them up until when they're winding down for bed a few hours later.”

There’s no easy answer to living in a world with Trump near the presidency. I am grateful Aaron has found a way to sustain his work, because we need him to keep it up.

Trump’s not gonna magically disappear. He is once again the Republican nominee for president.

And after all of the damage he’s done to our country, we simply can’t afford for anyone to ignore and roll their eyes at this maniac. We have an obligation to call him a liar every time he lies. We can’t let him gain even one inch.

It’s how we won in 2020. No matter how many lies we hear or how many excruciating minutes we spend calling Trump out on his lies, we must never allow ourselves to become numb to the threat he poses to our country.

That's why I highly recommend you follow the heroes like Aaron.

Below I have listed out several of the folks that I count on to find and report the truth about Trump and MAGA, or that work to help progressives and Democrats. Thanks to their diligent truth-telling, their organizing, and the fact that they will never look away from Trump’s lies, I don’t have to watch every agonizing moment anymore.

You should absolutely subscribe to and follow all of them:

 of , and investigative journalists like  and . Those who cut through the noise like , and  just to mention a few.

Apologies to any friends I’ve missed here.

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