Monday, March 11, 2024

Political Post - Continued


Before we were interrupted, so rudely interrupted, by who knows who or what or why, we were talking about politics.  Now that Meanderings and Muses is safely back where it belongs, I want to continue sharing some of the columns I follow.

I subscribe to The Bulwark.  There is a free subscription (which is what I have), and there is a paid subscription.  Your choice.

A little about The Bulwark from their webpage:

 "The Bulwark was founded to provide analysis and reporting in defense of America’s liberal democracy.

That’s it. That’s the mission.

The Bulwark was founded in 2019 by Sarah Longwell, Charlie Sykes, and Bill Kristol. The idea, then and now, was to tell you what we think—with honesty and good faith.

To put country over party.

To know that we’re all in this together.

And to build a home for the politically homeless."

Here's their most recent article which I'm sharing so you can test the waters to see if it's another piece of email coming at you during a particularly busy political season that might interest you,  or if you decide it's too much and decide to pass.

As George Jones sang so perfectly to us once upon a time, we have Choices. ( I love this song 😊 )

So.  Here's an opinion piece from The Bulwark for you -  

Joe Biden Is Not "a Disaster"

"Some 'Never Trumpers' want to pretend that Biden has been a terrible president. Let's do the math."

Mike Luckovich

Character Matters!

Stay tuned - more to come

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